An Adventure Box by Northbound travel

I have to thank the small contribution and collaboration that the Icelandic travel company Northbound offered me in my second trip to Iceland for my photographic project on the volcanic island that is so fashionable thanks to its spectacular landscapes.

They offered me a gift which they call the Adventure Box where there was a series of details:

  • A starter kit for your phone from NOVA, one of the biggest mobile network providers in Iceland. The kit includes 10GB of data and 1000 ISK worth of minutes, both refillable online at (10 GB to navigate with our phone, it is appreciated to have them although today the companies offer us Roaming within the European Union and Iceland is one of them).
  • Icelandic wool accessories from Icewear. (A hat and gloves of Icelandic wool, we were great at times because in Iceland the weather usually gives us surprises of wind and cold).
  • Icelandic treats for you to try. (Different bags of nuts and sweets typical of the country, we appreciated in some hike days).
  • Iceland 101, illustrated guidebook, written by us here at Northbound. (A small guide illustrated with tips for the traveler that I keep with affection on how to get around, payments, connections of all kinds, roadside advice, and climate and nature among others. Written and designed exclusively by Northbound).
  • Iceland Taste Trip, a pamphlet on all the Icelandic food you should try to get the authentic Icelandic culinary experience. (Small pamphlet on the typical gastronomy of Iceland, if our pocket can afford it we already know that to try although like it said, to eat the typical Icelandic we will leave expensive in comparison to other foods.)

I just have to thank Rúnar and Northbound for the trust placed in them and I hope that for my third trip we can continue collaborating together in our joint ventures.

You can see some images of an Adventure box below and also visit the gallery of my first trip here and my article with tips and my experience travelling across the Iceland with campervan here.

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