Documentary and nature photography across the Langtang Valley and sacred lakes of Gosaikunda. This gallery represents my photo trip of 13 days of hikes for explore the nooks of this not massive and explored area close to Kathmandu. I travelled for my own and There I met an old friend and porter and we did together the trekking across the valley. Were days of learning and knowledge about different habitats and endangered species of wild animals of the region.
For arrive to Langtang National Park we took a bus 8 hours across crazy roads to Syapru Bhesi, our starting point.
Nepal, November of 2018.

Langtang National Park is the nearest Himalayan park from Kathmandu. Established in 1976, the park has an area of 1.710 square kilometers and it’s on the cross-line with Tibet border. The altitudinal range of LNP is between 1000m to 7245m. Langtang National Park is the third most popular trekking destination after Everest and Annapurna Region.

The starting point were in Old Syaprubesi, and like the Annapurna round, you must to follow the Langtang Khola river between two sides and old forests. The safetly journeys permit’s to enjoy the landscape and environment. As we move forward we cross paths with locals carrying huge and heavy bales and on the second day we begin to see the high mountains.

Sub-tropical and temperate zone

Sub-tropical zone is between 1000 to 2000 meters over sea level, we found Pinus roxburghii, this is predominantly found in drier rocky slopes on the first part of the trek close to Syaprubesi and Dumche.
The temperate zones range between 2000 and 3000 meters. There we found Oak (Quercus lamellose, Q. lanata), Blue pine (Pinus wallichiana) in lower Langtang valley. Hemlock (Tsuga dumosa) found in damp and shaded areas is characteristic to the upper temperate zone with other kind of species. Bamboo thickets including Himalayacalamus falconaris is placed in the ground canopy.

Bamboo plant (Himalayacalamus falconeri)

Sounds in the forest

…to the mountains…

25th, November 2018, Langtang Valley, Nepal.

The new village of Langtang right now is under construction due the earthquake of 25th April of 2015. Two hundred and fifty people died in the old town. (Right: 25th November 2018, Langtang Valley, Nepal.)


High landscapes

Wild yak on the hill.
Lower Kiangin Ri (4340 m)
The bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) illuminated by light rays.

Gosainkunda area

…thanks guys…
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