Joan Gosa, Barcelona, February 6, 1983.
He studied photography in 2002 at a public school in Barcelona and later Graphic Design in 2004.
Multidisciplinary professional freelance photographer. He considers himself a passionate traveler of world cultures and man's relationships with nature, preferring mountainous environments.
He combines his great passion for traveling with his work as a sports photojournalist and news for a major news agency. He has his own photographic studio where he develops his personal and professional projects together with his clients.
Collaborating photographer in sports and social events with the international Xinhua News Agency (China) in Catalonia region.
Mentions, collaborations and Work:
2017 and actually: Start collaboration with Xinhua News Agency in news, daily, social and sports events in Catalonia.
2017: 10th International Contest of Photography NARAVA, PSA HM (Photographic Society of America Honorable Mention) in Landscape Photography with «Vestrahorn and Höfn. Iceland».
2019 and actually: Working together with NEEDaFIXER on NEOM project "New Future" in Saudi Arabia.
NEOM Beach Games (July 2019) // Rally Dakar (January 2020) // Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E (December 2020) // 
2020: Being a wildlife photographer in times of Covid-19. ⁣⁣⁣Seven photographers shot the nature from their homes.⁣⁣⁣
 Visit our Instagram account @wildconfinement 
2021: Represented by Spandy Films as a photographer for assignments.
Since 2022 and actually: Member of EON
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